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CamRock County Park - New Natural Playground

A new natural playground has been installed at CamRock Shelter 2 Area. It replaced the old wood structure that did not meet playground safety standards.  The other yellow modular structure at the site met safety standards and was retained so that the playground offers a mix of both a natural play area and more traditional playground.  

Construction of the new playground structure started on Monday, June 22  and was completed in early July.  Tree trimming was also done as part of the project to open crowns of the locust trees within the play area and enhance this natural feature.

Encouraged by the community to make this space more accessible, parks staff and GRG Playscapes met on site with Catherine (Cate) Boldt, an ADA Accessibility Consultant. This conversation has set the stage for some dramatic improvements in how we collaborate to create inspiring and accessible spaces for outdoor play. With her input we were able to make some simple, yet meaningful changes to the CamRock design. An accessible ramp was added to the log climber, which includes a net railing and a boulder retaining wall - creating an adventure opportunity for wheelchair users or others with mobility challenges. Along with this change GRG created a path to the tree house "Fort" beneath the tower, encouraging dramatic play and social integration. As originally planned, the last phase of the project is to add an accessible pathway leading to the playground. This should be completed by mid to late August.

The playground is currently open for use. Certain areas may be closed or roped off during construction of the accessible pathway. 

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