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Badger Mill Creek Stream Restoration

Dane County Parks is restoring approximately 4,900 feet of stream on a channelized section of Badger Mill Creek, a class II trout stream, within the Ice Age Junction Natural Resource Area.  The project will be done in conjunction with the City of Verona’s East Side Interceptor Gravity Sanitary Sewer Project.  Verona has hired Minger Construction for completing both projects.

The stream restoration project will restore trout habitat using several techniques.  Trees that are cleared for the City’s project will be used for habitat structures called log sills and deflectors.  These structures will increase depth by narrowing the stream channel, increase sinuosity within the channel, and provide in-stream shelter and resting areas for trout.  Rock deflectors will also be added that will create another habitat type, mainly increasing velocities, scouring, improving dissolved oxygen levels with turbulence, and reducing water temperatures by increasing depths/velocities.

Another aspect of the stream restoration project includes reconnecting the stream to its floodplain.  This will be done by sloping back the banks and removing berms in key areas along the corridor.  These improvements will allow water and energy from the river to spill onto the floodplain and dissipate rather than containing it within the stream channel and causing bank erosion during large events. 

Dane County Parks and the City of Verona are working closely with the Ice Age Trail Alliance on mitigating impacts to the Ice Age National Scenic Trail that runs through the corridor.  This section of the trail will be closed for the duration of the project.

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