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2011 Dane County Dog Park Clean-up Day

March 16, 2011
Rhea Stangel-Maier Dane County Parks 608-224-3601 Pete Blawat Dog Park Cleanup Coordinator 608-516-8057 Anne Whisner City of Madison Parks 608-267-4919
Land & Water Resources

Saturday, March 26, 2011
8:00 A.M. – Noon (Rain or Shine*)

What can YOU do?
Come to one of the parks listed below.  Cleanup crew leaders will meet you at the park entrance and provide directions for pitching in!

What should you bring?
Gloves, 5-gallon pail (if possible), trowel or scooper tool

Please help educate other dog owners about the importance of cleaning up dog waste.  It is unpleasant and can pose health risks.  Responsible dog owners ALWAYS clean up.  So, please always carry a plastic bag when you walk your dog.  Take an extra bag with you to give to another dog owner in need.  And remember—cleaning up dog waste is a RULE!  Compliance with Park rules helps assure continued enjoyment of the parks with our dogs!


City of Madison

Dane County

Sun Prairie


Brittingham Park
Demetral Park
McCormick Park
Quann Park
Sycamore Park
Warner Park

Badger Prairie
Indian Lake
Prairie Moraine--“Tower Site”
Token Creek
Yahara Heights

Coming Fall 2011- Lake Farm Park

Pet Exercise Area

Middleton Dog Park –(Hwy Q)

 For more information, please call the contacts above.