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Lake Aeration System turned on at Indian Lake County Park

January 22, 2016
Darren Marsh; Parks Director 608-224-3766 Erika Hotchkiss Brummel, Marketing & Outreach 608-212-6358
Land & Water Resources

On Thursday, January 21st, 2016, Dane County Parks staff announced that they had activated the aeration system in the lake at Indian Lake County Park in order to prevent low lake oxygen levels and a potential fish kill. The system pumps air into the bottom of the lake, which opens a large hole in the ice allowing oxygen to re-enter the water.


Parks Director, Darren Marsh, advises anyone out enjoying Indian Lake County Park to use caution if venturing onto the lake. Although the open water area is roped off, Marsh urges park users to keep away from the vicinity.  “We have no way of knowing just how far from the open water the ice is weakened due to the aeration process,” Marsh said. 


Heavy snow cover, thick ice and a lack of flowing water entering the lake, reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the plants that produce oxygen through photosynthesis, this is an important process to keep lake oxygen levels high.  The shallowness of Indian lake makes it more susceptible to a “winter fish kill” caused by low oxygen levels in the water. The aeration will increase oxygen saving the healthy population of bass and bluegill in Indian Lake.


The aeration system will run from now until the weather warms up in late March.

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