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Wetland Restoration Program

Wetlands are unique and productive ecosystems that provide many important ecological services to the environment. They reduce the rate and volume of stormwater runoff, provide protection from flooding, remove pollutants, provide important wildlife habitat, and can improve the overall health of a watershed. Over half of the wetlands in Dane County have been lost over the last century. Many of those that remain have been degraded.

Dane County staff can help connect landowners and operators to cost-share funding to support wetland restoration projects. The program allows cost-share assistance for up to 90% of the actual costs and a one-time payment of $2,500/acre for land taken out of agricultural production.


Projects that restore wetlands that were historically located in Dane County are eligible for cost-share assistance.

If you are interested in restoring wetlands on your lands but unsure if the specific area would qualify, please contact Dane County staff (PDF) who will assist you in determining eligibility.

How to Apply

Application Steps

Applications will be taken throughout the year. Program is contingent on available funds and county budgets. During the term of the cost-share contract, staff may conduct on-site verification.

  1. Contact the appropriate staff member (PDF) to discuss your project plans and goals.
  2. Work with staff to develop plans and designs for restoration project.
  3. Complete and sign cost-share agreement prior to restoration work beginning.

Next Steps:

  1. Install practice and seek reimbursement. 
  2. Over the life of the contract, ensure practices are functioning and appropriately maintained.


Learn more about wetlands using the resources below: 


Land Conservation Division
Dane County Land & Water Resources Department
(608) 224-3730

Land Conservation Division staff contacts (PDF)