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Nutrient Management

Nutrient management involves planning for the use of manure and other fertilizers to meet crop nutrient needs in an economical way while reducing the potential for nutrient runoff from fields into lakes, streams and groundwater.

A nutrient management plan is a tool that helps producers address nutrient management planning using the 4 R's of nutrient stewardship, including:

  • Right source: fertilizer type matches the needs of different kinds of crops
  • Right time: nutrients are available in the soil when crops need them
  • Right rate: using an appropriate amount for the actual needs of crops
  • Right place: application keeps nutrients in the fields where they are used

A nutrient management plan includes information such as soil test reports, manure inventory, nutrient crediting, manure and commercial nutrient spreading plan, conservation plan, field and restriction maps, and a Winter Spreading Permit (if needed).

All producers who apply nutrients to cropland are required to have a nutrient management plan. Annual updates are due June 1st.


How to Submit

Annual Nutrient Management Plan updates are due June 1st. 

Steps to Submit:

1. Complete the following items: 

2. Submit all completed documents and databases following the instructions on the Submit a Permit or Plan webpage.



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