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Aquatic Plant Management Plans and Maps



Aquatic plant management plans provide an inventory of existing plants in a lake or stream, and describe how native plants will be protected for their role as the foundation of healthy ecosystems, while nuisance non-native species will be controlled and recreational access will be provided. These plans are required by the Department of Natural Resources in order for them to permit aquatic plant harvesting programs under NR 109 Wis. Admin. Code and must be updated every five years. Some of the waterbodies also have a harvesting priority map that indicates potential cutting locations, as allowed by the permit.


Data Collection

Dane County staff and consultants surveyed aquatic plant communities during summer 2017 to learn how these plant communities have changed.  They gathered data for each of approximately 7000 points on pre-determined sampling grids for the lakes being studied.  At each point, they recorded information such as plant species present, water depth, sediment type, and fullness of the sampling rake.  These survey results helped us assess lake health and update some of our plans.


Plans and Maps


Mendota Harvest Map

Lake Mendota


Monona Harvest Map

Lake Monona


Waubesa Harvest Map

Lake Waubesa


Kegonsa Harvest Map

Lake Kegonsa


Lower Mud Lake Harvest Map

Lower Mud Lake


Wingra Harvest Map

Lake Wingra


Jenni and Kyle Map

Jenni & Kyle Preserve Ponds; Tenney, Vilas and Warner Park Lagoons; and Verona Quarry


Fish, Crystal, and Indian Lakes

Fish, Crystal, and Indian Lakes


Yahara River and Upper Mud Lake

Yahara River and Upper Mud Lake

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