Pheasant Branch Restoration Project

A project to improve waterPheasant Branch Conservancy quality, wildlife habitat and outdoor recreation

Dane County purchased this 160-acre property (former Acker Farm) in 2019 as an addition to Pheasant Branch Conservancy. The County is partnering with community organizations on the planning and implementation of restoration projects. Restoration will significantly reduce stormwater volume due to increased water infiltration into the ground. It will also improve water quality by reducing sediment and phosphorus runoff within the Pheasant Branch Watershed, positively impacting Lake Mendota. The property will be used for a future regional bicycle trail connection to Governor Nelson State Park.



Property Stabilization and Improvement Plans:

  • Remove buildings/concrete and grade site for future wetland restoration    
  • Use crushed concrete from farmstead to develop future access site
  • Convert cropland to restored prairies and wetlands    
  • Establish perimeter hiking trails and access lanes



Contact Information

Dane County Land & Water Resources Department
(608) 224-3730