Leaf-free Streets for Clean Waters - educational session
Event Dates
  • 09/24/2018 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Event Description

Did you know leaves that collect on our streets every fall can harm our waters? When it rains, stormwater flows through leaf piles in streets creating a “leaf tea” that is rich in dissolved phosphorus. This "leaf tea" travels through storm sewers making its way to our lakes, rivers and streams. Too much phosphorus can lead to toxic algae blooms, low oxygen levels and green murky waters, none of which are good for animals living in the water or those of us who use it for recreation. The good news is that efforts to keep leaves out of the street can make a difference. In the fall, timely removal of street leaf litter can reduce the amount of phosphorus in urban stormwater by 80% compared to no leaf removal!

Join us to learn about a recent USGS/City of Madison study that led to the development of a municipal phosphorus reduction credit for leaf management programs and a targeted public outreach campaign aimed at keeping streets leaf-free before the storm. We will also provide information on how individuals and groups can get involved in the Leaf-free Streets for Clean Waters effort and outreach toolkits that they can use to spread the word in their neighborhoods.


Lyman F. Anderson Agriculture & Conservation Center (5201 Fen Oak Drive, Room 121 - Madison)



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