Southwest WI Grazing Network - Pasture Walk
Event Dates
  • 08/06/2019 1:00 pm
Event Description

Mike and Matt Mueller have purebred Normande, Shorthorn and crossbreds and need to get creative to support their 400 beef cows. All calves not retained for breeding purposes are finished in a leased feedlot and sold on a grid, providing valuable carcass data on how their genetics perform. Farming on some of the best soil in Iowa County, their owned land is entirely seeded to pasture, ground that would otherwise grow 250 bushel corn. They also contract out with several area land owners to custom rotationally graze some of their cattle through summer. Their greatest challenges and limits to expansion are accessing more pasture that is reasonable close and pasture damage from out wintering cattle in Wisconsin as we transition through our mud season. Discussion will focus on whether grazing offers at better return than corn on high quality land and share ideas on how we’re all dealing with spring mud.


748 Enloe Rd., Rewey



Agriculture/Field Day, Talk or Workshop