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Recent Rains Prompt First Slow No Wake Orders of Season on Lake Monona’s Wicawak Bay

July 16, 2020
Ariana Vruwink, 608-267-8823
County Executive

Due to recent rainfall, Dane County is placing a Slow No Wake order on Lake Monona’s Wicawak Bay (previously known as Squaw Bay). The restrictions for watercraft to slow down will take effect at 12:00pm today.

Slow No Wake restrictions will be rescinded on Wicawak Bay when water levels are at or below the necessary water elevation for five consecutive days. Deputies from the Dane County Sheriff's Office Marine and Trail Division will be enforcing the Slow No Wake restrictions.

The Dane County Department of Land and Water Resources continue to monitor levels on the entire Yahara Chain of Lakes. Levels have come up as a result of recent rains and high groundwater levels. Dane County’s aquatic plant harvesters are in the water, maximizing flow out of the Yahara Chain. At this time, there is not a danger of lake related flooding.

During high water levels, it is important for property owners on all lakes to prevent their piers from floating and creating navigational hazards by securely fastening the pier sections to the frame, adding weight, or removing the pier from the water.

For more information about Slow No Wake, please visit For questions regarding Slow No Wake, call the Land and Water Resources Department at 608-224-3730.