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Gun Deer Hunting Season Starts Saturday

November 16, 2007
Contact: Darren Marsh Parks Division 246-3896
Land & Water Resources

As a timely reminder, Dane County Parks Director Darren Marsh suggests that patrons of the County Parks make themselves more visible by wearing bright colored clothing through the fall hunting season. Currently there is no gun hunting within county parks but there is gun hunting on adjacent lands. Marsh says there’s still considerable public use of the parks through the fall, especially visitors hiking and walking dogs. The regular gun deer season starts this Saturday, November 17th and runs through December 9th. In South Central Wisconsin, including Dane County, the gun season runs into December an effort to reduce the deer herd in the areas where Chronic Wasting Disease has been identified. Hunters using County parkland to access DNR Public Hunting Grounds or adjacent lands are reminded that all firearms must be unloaded and in a carrying case until they are outside the park property. If a deer is shot outside the park and enters the park the hunter may retrieve the deer, however, again all firearms must be unloaded in a case. If the deer needs to be dispatched within the park, the hunter is asked to contact the Dane County Sheriff’s Department at (608) 255-2345 so the deer can be dispatched safely. For more information on the County Parks, please call the Dane County Parks Office at 246-3896. For information on various hunting opportunities and public hunting lands within Dane County, please contact the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, South Central Region Headquarters, 3911 Fish Hatchery Road, Fitchburg WI 53711, (608)275-3266.