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County Parks Director Urges Caution at Indian Lake County Park

February 20, 2014
Darren Marsh, Parks Division, 608) 224-3766, Pete Jopke, Land and Water Resource Department, (608) 224-3733
Land & Water Resources

On Monday, February 17, 2014, Dane County staff activated the aeration system in Indian Lake County Park located at 8183 Hwy 19, Waunakee.  The aeration system pumps air into the bottom of the lake and may cause open areas to form or greatly reduce ice thickness.  Parks Director, Darren Marsh, warns patrons using Indian Lake County Park to use caution if they venture onto the lake.


The location where the aerator is located has been roped off and notices have been posted at access points, but Marsh still urges curious park users to stay off the lake.  “We just don’t know how far from the aerator the ice will become weakened due to this process,” Marsh said. 


According to Pete Jopke, Water Resource Planner with Dane County Land and Water Resources, using the aeration system may help reduce the number of invasive carp that have taken over the lake. Over the last few years, this popular park has seen a dramatic decline in the water quality of the lake.  Before the lake can be restored, the majority of the common carp need to be removed. Resource managers will evaluate the carp population this spring to determine if further carp removal strategies need to be employed.