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Continuous Cover Program

The Continuous Cover Program (CCP) provides funding to help convert traditional row-cropped fields to continuous vegetative cover. This program is available to landowners in Dane County who meet the eligibility requirements below.

Continuous vegetation can increase water infiltration, reduce soil erosion, improve water quality, build soil health, increase wildlife habitat, sequester carbon, and diversify production practices. Eligible continuous vegetative cover types include: 

  • Grazing and forage mixes
  • Warm season grasses and native prairie mixes
  • Cool season mixes for harvesting or habit
  • Harvestable buffers and prairie strips

Applicants will work with staff to determine the best cover type and implementation strategy for their land. Land is enrolled in a 15-year contract where landowners receive payment once the cover is planted and certified by staff. Program participation is contingent on available funding.

Continuous Cover Program information is also available in a printable fact sheet (PDF).


In order to be eligible for this program, the landowner must meet the following requirements:

  • Contracted area must be agricultural land in Dane County with a history of row crops (this will be verified by staff).
  • Contracted area must be a minimum of 0.5 acres and maximum of 40 acres. This requirement may be waived on a case-by-case basis. For example, if the contracted area includes two-thirds or more of the field, the landowner has an option to enroll the whole field.

How to Apply

Applications will be taken throughout the year. Program is contingent on available funds and county budgets. During the term of the cost-share contract, staff may conduct on-site verification of use.

Application Steps

  1. Landowner completes and submits a downloadable application (PDF) or can apply online.
  2. Staff will verify application and assist landowner in identifying eligible acres.

Next Steps:

  1. After entering into the contract, landowner seeds identified acres with an approved seed mix - example seed mixes (PDF)
  2. Staff verifies seeding establishment occurred - may include collecting invoices for seeding establishment, seed tags, etc.
  3. The total contract payment will be made to the landowner once the cover is planted and certified by staff.
  4. The maintenance agreement between Dane County and the landowner is recorded on the deed for 15 years following receipt of the cost-share payment - example maintenance agreement (PDF).


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Dane County Land & Water Resources Department
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Land Conservation Division staff contacts (PDF)