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Highlighted Projects

Watersheds & Ecosystem Services

The highlighted projects listed below are currently underway to help us achieve our watershed management goals to: 

  • Protect and improve surface water quality
  • Build community flood resilience
  • Increase carbon sequestration

Check back for future updates. Visit our Goals & Initiatives webpage for more information about our goals, why they're important, and initiatives we're involved with to address them. To learn more about other projects in our department visit the Current Projects webpage. 


Agricultural Wetland Mitigation Bank

Agricultural Wetland Mitigation Bank

Dane County is working with partners to restore wetlands and adjacent prairie in the Cherokee Marsh Wildlife Area. The wetlands will be used to develop an agricultural wetland mitigation bank.

reflection of trees on water in a wetland scrape which resembles a pond

Black Earth Creek Headwaters - Restoration

Dane County continues to make improvements to the Black Earth Creek Headwaters Natural Resource Area. Improvements include the conversion of agricultural fields to native prairies as well as the construction of wetland scrape areas.

Black Earth Creek

Black Earth Creek Stream Restoration

Black Earth Creek was severely damaged from the large rain events and flooding that occurred in 2018 and 2019. Dane County has been working with local partners and landowners on finding creative ways to help restore and stabilize the damaged streambanks.

Door Creek

Door Creek Action Plan Implementation

Our department developed the Door Creek Watershed Management Action Plan in 2016 and continues its implementation. In addition, Door Creek is part of the Legacy Sediment Removal Project.

Agricultural field with a strip of green vegetation buffering.

Pheasant Branch Conservancy – Restoration

Dane County purchased a159-acre property as an addition to the Pheasant Branch Conservancy. We are partnering with community organizations on restoration projects that will increase flood capacity, improve water quality, and enhance wildlife habitat.

two people using a soil probe to collect samples that will be tested for carbon

Soil Carbon Monitoring

We are currently measuring and monitoring for changes in soil carbon in Dane County's restoration and conservation projects. The results will help Dane County determine progress in mitigating climate change including meeting goals in Dane County's Climate Action Plan.

Walking Iron Wildlife Area – Wetland Restoration

Walking Iron Wildlife Area – Wetland Restoration

We are partnering with Ducks Unlimited and the US Fish & Wildlife Service on a ~300-acre wetland and prairie restoration in the Walking Iron Wildlife Area. The project includes the creation of several waterfowl scrapes (shallow pools) which will hold water most of the time.